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The lovely people at the Crawley branch of Waterstones have recently started stocking my first novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring. And they’ve given it pride of place on their shelves, just in time for Christmas.

Even better than that, as it’s my home town, they also invited me to come in and sign a few copies. Which was nice!

So, if you’re in Crawley and fancy owning a signed copy of the book, why not pop in to Waterstones? Or you could pop round to my house – if you know where live, that is…

Published by Alastair Puddick

Author Alastair Puddick

One thought on “Shelf promotion

  1. Great to hear your success story Alastair and would have loved a signed copy but had to make do without due to distance involved!!
    Have a great time at your signing of your book and look forward to book Number 2.

    Love Auntie Jintyxx

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