Here we go again…


Exciting news. My new novel will be hitting the shelves soon.

It’s written, edited, proofread and I’ve sent the final draft to the publisher. Thankfully the good people at Raven Crest Books liked the new story, and I’m pleased to say it will be going into production soon. No firm details on the publication date yet, but watch this space for further details on when you’ll be able to pick up a copy.

It’s called Killing Dylan. And just to whet your appetites, here’s a brief synopsis of the plot:

Freddie Winters is a disgruntled, sardonic, failed crime writer. He spends his days lamenting other writers’ success, in between overstaying his welcome in coffee shops, setting up his own, fake book signings, and sneaking into literary festivals uninvited.

Freddie’s old friend, Dylan St James, turns to him for help, fearing that someone is trying to kill him. But who could it be? And why? Begrudgingly, Freddie agrees to use his own limited detective skills to find out what’s going on.

As he begins to investigate, he uncovers a long list of suspects, a catalogue of crazy behaviour, and a truly bizarre motive for murder. With the killer still on the loose, can Freddie figure out who’s behind it before they can finish the job?

If you enjoyed George Thring you’re sure to love this too. Don’t forget to keep checking back for updates.

Published by Alastair Puddick

Author Alastair Puddick

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