Shelf promotion



The lovely people at the Crawley branch of Waterstones have recently started stocking my first novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring. And they’ve given it pride of place on their shelves, just in time for Christmas.

Even better than that, as it’s my home town, they also invited me to come in and sign a few copies. Which was nice!

So, if you’re in Crawley and fancy owning a signed copy of the book, why not pop in to Waterstones? Or you could pop round to my house – if you know where live, that is…

Here we go again…


Exciting news. My new novel will be hitting the shelves soon.

It’s written, edited, proofread and I’ve sent the final draft to the publisher. Thankfully the good people at Raven Crest Books liked the new story, and I’m pleased to say it will be going into production soon. No firm details on the publication date yet, but watch this space for further details on when you’ll be able to pick up a copy.

It’s called Killing Dylan. And just to whet your appetites, here’s a brief synopsis of the plot:

Freddie Winters is a disgruntled, sardonic, failed crime writer. He spends his days lamenting other writers’ success, in between overstaying his welcome in coffee shops, setting up his own, fake book signings, and sneaking into literary festivals uninvited.

Freddie’s old friend, Dylan St James, turns to him for help, fearing that someone is trying to kill him. But who could it be? And why? Begrudgingly, Freddie agrees to use his own limited detective skills to find out what’s going on.

As he begins to investigate, he uncovers a long list of suspects, a catalogue of crazy behaviour, and a truly bizarre motive for murder. With the killer still on the loose, can Freddie figure out who’s behind it before they can finish the job?

If you enjoyed George Thring you’re sure to love this too. Don’t forget to keep checking back for updates.

Happy birthday George


It’s been quite a year. Exactly one year ago today, my first novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring, was published. And my lovely wife bought me this brilliant card to celebrate.

Since it went on sale, the book has sold quite a nice number of copies – more than 13,000 so far, to be precise. And it’s received some very positive reviews – 120 5-star reviews on all the various Amazon sites.

It reached number 18 in the UK Kindle chart, and number 2 in Australia. It was also an Amazon #1 Bestseller in Humourous Fiction and #1 Bestseller in Romantic Fiction.

So, thanks to everyone that bought a copy, wrote a nice review, or sent me a message to this blog or my Facebook page to say how much they enjoyed it.

But it doesn’t end there. I’ve been toiling away at all hours in my little cupboard/office. And in a staggeringly unlikely coincidence, just this very morning I finished writing the first draft of a new novel. What are the chances?

There’s still a bit of work to do, and plenty of editing. But hopefully the new book will be out very soon. Watch this space for updates and maybe even a teaser of the first chapter…

Anyway, that’s more than enough self-congratulation. I’d better get back to work!

The joy and pain of Amazon reviews


What do authors think of customer reviews on Amazon? Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I have mixed feelings.

They can be a great way to get feedback from readers. And they can help to boost book sales. But then, sometimes, they can be violent, hurtful, digital bullets that make you doubt yourself, your ability to write and, at times, the sanity of the general public.

I recently wrote an article for literary website Quadrapheme giving my own two-pence worth on the subject.

You can read the whole thing here



George Thring goes on sale

Cover Thring - Hi-res

The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring is now available to buy on Amazon. It’s available in paperback and you can also download it for your Kindle.

It’s been a bit of a slog to get it to this stage, but I’m thrilled to say that the book is now finally on sale. I’ve loved writing it, and all the other bits from editing and redrafting to selecting the cover design and everything else involved in getting it to this stage. Huge thanks to Dave Lyons at Raven Crest Books for taking a chance on my silly novel and helping me get it out into the world.

I hope you enjoy reading it. And if you do, make sure to leave a positive comment on Amazon.

Get the book here

Inside the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’

Fancy a quick peek inside the cupboard/office where I do my writing? Go on then…


As the Crawley Observer recently revealed, much of my debut novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring, was written inside a cupboard that I converted into a tiny office. My fiancee nicknamed the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’. So I thought I’d throw up a few pics to show that, yes… it really is a tiny office… inside a cupboard…

DSCN1820I like to keep the coats hanging up inside the door for authenticity. Also, if I didn’t, we’d have nowhere to keep them.


As you can see, it’s pretty cramped. The desk only just fits in. But it’s big enough to work. And Shakespeare keeps a watchful eye on me.

DSCN1823And here are all the ideas for the next book – stuck to the wall with Post-it notes – kind of like a storyboard.

Nice write up in the Crawley Observer


As the book nears completion, and we move closer to a publication date, my local paper, The Crawley Observer, have done a nice little write up about me and the book.

I love the headline – which is basically true. Quite a lot of the book was written in a cupboard in my flat, which I converted into a tiny office. At first glance you might think it’s still a coat cupboard – because of all the coats hanging in there – but there’s just enough space for a desk and a chair, and I’ve spent many happy hours in there writing the book and all sorts of other bits and pieces. It probably doesn’t meet Health & Safety regulations, but it’s quiet and I get plenty of work done.

Hopefully this won’t be the last bit of publicity the book gets. But just in case it is, residents of Crawley rush out and get your copy of the Observer whilst they’re still in stock!