Inside the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’

Fancy a quick peek inside the cupboard/office where I do my writing? Go on then… As the Crawley Observer recently revealed, much of my debut novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring, was written inside a cupboard that I converted into a tiny office. My fiancee nicknamed the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’. So I thought I’dContinue reading “Inside the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’”

Nice write up in the Crawley Observer

As the book nears completion, and we move closer to a publication date, my local paper, The Crawley Observer, have done a nice little write up about me and the book. I love the headline – which is basically true. Quite a lot of the book was written in a cupboard in my flat, whichContinue reading “Nice write up in the Crawley Observer”

George Thring has a cover

The book is taking shape, we’re working hard to get it ready for publication. And I can rather excitedly reveal that we now have a cover. After several weeks, over 50 different designs and several drafts, we’ve now picked the final cover for my debut novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring. Thanks to everyoneContinue reading “George Thring has a cover”

It’s a done (book) deal!

Bit of a belated post here, but I just wanted to share the news that after around five years of writing, several months of editing, a heck of a lot of pitches to agents, publishers, friends of friends and anyone else I could think of, I have at last found a home for my firstContinue reading “It’s a done (book) deal!”

The Hardest Easiest Job in the World

Writing for a living can be the best, simplest, most rewarding and easiest job in the world. But at times it can be the most frustrating, soul-destroying, confidence-sapping, horrible job as well. And sometimes the most difficult thing is just sitting down at the computer in the first place… I’m lucky enough to be ableContinue reading “The Hardest Easiest Job in the World”

The ‘Business’ of Writing

Over the last 13 years or so, I’ve been lucky enough to make a living out of something that I enjoy doing – writing. At times (especially in my early magazine editing days) it has actually been mildly glamorous, with foreign trips, expensive meals out, fancy parties, boozy product launches, press outings and even theContinue reading “The ‘Business’ of Writing”