Interview on Love of a Good Book


I was interviewed for a book blog this week. Thanks very much to Kirsty at loveofagoodbook for chatting with me. You can see all the highly interesting things I had to say here

Hope you enjoy it!


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3 thoughts on “Interview on Love of a Good Book

  1. Hi Alastair,

    Thank you for sharing your good news with me and your feet firmly on the first rung of the ladder of exciting times to come. Glad you are letting me keep up to date with your new venture. I loved the humour in your book and shades of Mum and Dad, even the make of car shone through!! Your new book sounds like my cuppa T. I love Val McDermid books, studied at Cambridge I think, lived a lot of her life In Scotland . Also another good novelist who lives round the corner from me and a few doors away from Fiona’s mother and father in law in Bishopton. Alex Gray is her name and her novels are good too. Don’t know whether you have read any of her books. I love the plot of murder stories, keeps you thinking, (which I need to do badly) so looking forward to your next book.

    So you have ideas of planning a robbery, only joking!! If you do, make sure it’s not in Bishopton!! I remember years ago going to the fish and chip shop with Graeme and passing a jewellers shop in the town in England where he was staying at the time when he was in the RAF, can’t remember where. He said he was going to write a book and my mind went into overdrive and mentioned jewellery robberies etc. Anyway, Graeme has started a few stories and did have a book of poetry written when he was in the Falklands but I prefer gripping story lines so look forward also to his first book. Unfortunately he never seems to get much time to himself as Charlotte aged 7 and Heather now 12 take up a lot of his time. Heather has written. Like you some short stories and even Charlotte jots down stories too, having her here from tomorrow for a few days so that will keep us on our toes, literally.

    Liked the way you replied to the journalist and hopefully your brilliant imagination will give us a chilling adventure into underground goings on or wherever the plot takes place.

    Loved the short stories relating back to your childhood, with Grandpa Jimmy up the cut in Greenock and your Granny Jeannie wetting her fingers and wiping chocolate from your face. I remember having that done to me as a child, hated it!! Loved the story about the sheep/monster also.

    Anyway dear you keep up the good work and who knows we may be lucky to hear more tales from George.

    Love from your crazy Auntie Jinty xxx

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    1. Hi Jeanette,

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the book and stories so far. And hopefully you’ll enjoy the next one when I finally have time to finish writing it!

      All the best to you and the family.


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