Nice write up in the Crawley Observer


As the book nears completion, and we move closer to a publication date, my local paper, The Crawley Observer, have done a nice little write up about me and the book.

I love the headline – which is basically true. Quite a lot of the book was written in a cupboard in my flat, which I converted into a tiny office. At first glance you might think it’s still a coat cupboard – because of all the coats hanging in there – but there’s just enough space for a desk and a chair, and I’ve spent many happy hours in there writing the book and all sorts of other bits and pieces. It probably doesn’t meet Health & Safety regulations, but it’s quiet and I get plenty of work done.

Hopefully this won’t be the last bit of publicity the book gets. But just in case it is, residents of Crawley rush out and get your copy of the Observer whilst they’re still in stock!

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Author Alastair Puddick

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