George Thring has a cover


The book is taking shape, we’re working hard to get it ready for publication. And I can rather excitedly reveal that we now have a cover.

After several weeks, over 50 different designs and several drafts, we’ve now picked the final cover for my debut novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring. Thanks to everyone who pitched in with comments and opinions on all the designs and helped us come to a decision.

It’s a really great, bold, vibrant design and I love how bright and colourful it is. It’s really close to the style and imagery I had in my head all those years ago when I sat down to write the first few sentences. And I think it captures the tone and style of the book really well.

I particularly like the little Elvis on the dashboard. And the gun and the money stashed in the glove box hint at things to come (I won’t say too much and spoil the story).

The book is still being edited and we’re waiting for a publication date. But at least you now know what to look out for. Check back over the coming weeks for further updates.

Published by Alastair Puddick

Author Alastair Puddick

One thought on “George Thring has a cover

  1. It is very eye catching Alastair and intrigued now with the gun and loads o dosh in the glove compartment. I hadn’t noticed the money before so looking forward to chapter 3 onwards. Thanks so much for the tasters!! Loved them and George’s pals, well, perhaps thats a bit strong !! Hope George Elvis Thring Esq., manages to spend it before doing something daft with that handgun!! Or is there going to be a murder as the infamous Inspector Taggart would say???

    Auntie Jinty xx

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