It’s a done (book) deal!


Bit of a belated post here, but I just wanted to share the news that after around five years of writing, several months of editing, a heck of a lot of pitches to agents, publishers, friends of friends and anyone else I could think of, I have at last found a home for my first novel.

And so *drum rolls* I can announce that The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring will be published soon by Raven Crest Books. Big thanks to Raven Crest’s Dave Lyons for thinking enough of my work to publish it, and all his help and support so far in the early stages of getting it out there.

Okay, so I probably should have gotten around to announcing this sooner, but it’s all been very exciting and there’s already been loads to do. The book is currently away being edited, and I’m looking forward to getting it tidied up and ready for print. We’ve already looked over quite a few cover designs, with loads of great options to pick from, and I think we’re close to picking the final cover.

Not sure yet about a publication date, but hopefully the book should be on sale in just a few weeks. Check back here for further details.

And if you want to find out any more info, please head to the official George Thring Facebook page and like the page.

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