Welcome to my blog site.

Here you will find a selection of stuff that I have written, from short stories to extracts from my first novel, The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring, and maybe a few bits from my new project that is still in progress. And maybe even the odd article or two, and anything else I can think to put on here. I’ll also add any interesting news and regular blog posts from time to time.

I hope you find something here to interest you.


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Author Alastair Puddick

One thought on “Hello

  1. Hi Alistair. Just finished your gorgeous book. Loved every page, every twist and turn. Would have loved to see the Major cop it instead of getting away. Maybe he’ll pop up in your next instalment of George and Alice’s exciting new life together. I’m writing a crime novel set in Sydney in 1932 at the height of the Depression a week after the Sydney Harbour Bridge is opened and innocent commuters start getting murdered on it. Crazy guy or early terrorism. Our hero has to sort it and stop the carnage. Got severe blockage at the moment which is why I have enjoyed scrolling through all your production notes. Most inspirational. Anyway, again thanks for areal you great read. Look forward to George and Alice’s next adventure. Cheers Rob

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